Truck driving ranks as one of the top twenty-five hottest professions in the nation. Advantage: driver. There are simply more opportunities from more companies with better pay, better benefits and better working conditions than ever before. Knowing this, ALG is dedicated to finding the right people and doing what it takes to ensure a long-term driver/employer partnership.

How do we do it? Start with a better quality of life. Because we are a specialty niche carrier, we provide a unique working environment where our drivers perform fixed routes that are not delayed on the receiving end. 99% of our drivers are home every day and have weekends and holidays at home. In addition, our pay rates are higher - on average - than many carriers, we provide comprehensive benefits and utilize newer, well-maintained equipment. Simply put, we provide a total employment package that results in happy, satisfied professionals with very low turnover.

If you’d like to learn more about why an ALG driver tends to remain an ALG driver, read on…

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